My Sunday

25 Apr

I usually visit the mountain side of this city during evenings for that spectacular view of the skyline. And since my vision is as poor as a warthog’s, I can’t easily identify them buildings. Today, however, I and some friends went to the mountains despite the scorching heat of the sun.

Our ride

Yeah, buildings were easier to name this time of day. Although, I didn’t stay long looking at the skyline because the heat was really getting unbearable.

Cebu skyline at noon

So, where exactly did we go?

Doce Pares Zipline

This is a good place to hang out with family and friends.

Yes, it's that cheap! =)


This is where we stayed.

We stayed below the landing.

Ziplining is one of the activities offered here. They also have a swing.

Zipline. 100 PHP for a two way trip.

Swing for 20 PHP

I only went on the swing. And it was enough to make my day. =)

More pictures from the place:


Zipline. Bridge.

This way to the swing.

You can also stay here. Just bring a huge umbrella.


There goes my Sunday. I hope you also enjoyed yours. 😉


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