26 Apr

Checking in

We checked in two hours before our 9:00 PM flight. Before they released us our tickets, we paid first the 1,620 PHP travel tax. Then we paid 550 PHP for the terminal fee.

When traveling, you always have to fill up a departure card/ arrival card when leaving/ entering a country. You then present this to an immigration officer. I was not able to take a picture of my departure card but it looks similar to the one below.

My arrival card for Macau. This was given by a Turbojet personnel.

I am glad we were not given a hard time at the immigration counter. It helped that we had a print out of our return tickets and confirmation of hotel reservations ready.

My ticket and my passport after going through the immigration officer

Everything went smoothly until the final baggage check. An officer had to ask me to go back to the check in counter because I had my umbrella inside my personal bag. I totally forgot that umbrellas can’t be hand carried. I had to transfer all my personal belongings into an eco bag and check in my personal bag with only the umbrella in it. I tried to check in the umbrella with the eco bag but the lady said it might get lost.

So, if you are like me, who always brings an umbrella wherever, remember to put your umbrella inside your check in luggage. This will definitely save you a lot of trouble. =)

View from the window seat

Despite that little bit of hassle, I made it to my seat. I planned on sleeping during the entire flight but I ended up reading the in- flight magazine. 😉


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