In Between Meeting the Family and the Ferry Ride

5 Jun

The family arrived at around 9:00 AM. We met along the boulevard and went straight to Sans Rival. It was already open by this time. We just left the rest of the family while my dad, my aunt, and I went to look for a place where we can leave the car for the weekend.

The boulevard and the monument of St. Paul's Sisters

We asked a lot of people but they seemed to not know any place where our car can be safe. Finally, we went to the hotel where we usually stay whenever we are in the city. I asked the guard and he eventually agreed.

My dad and aunt went to eat breakfast at Cafe Filomena while I fetched the rest of the family from Sans Rival.

We then took two tricycles (8 PHP/head) to take us to the ferry terminal.

The guy raising his arm (inside the red circle) sells Delta Ferry tickets. The queue behind the woman in red is for Jaylann ferries.

We paid 20 PHP each for the terminal fee. It was a good thing that the terminal had a decent air conditioning system. We did not wait for long before we were called to board the boat. It was a long walk to get to the ferry.

On our way to the ferry

Inside Delta Ferry

It took 45 minutes for us to arrive in Siquijor.


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