Second Day in Siquijor (Part 2)

30 Jun

There was no electricity pretty much the whole day that we spent a lot of time at the restaurant. However, when the resort staff couldn’t assure us that they will have a working generator for the rest of the day, we decided it would be better if we just spend the night in Dumaguete. And, of course, they did not let us leave right away. The manager tried to make us change our minds by giving us discounts and saying that the resort van is unavailable to take us to the ferry terminal. But we were firm on our decision that we soon found ourselves negotiating with motorcycle drivers. From this point on, we no longer have an itinerary to follow.

That's my brother on one of the 4 "habal- habals" that we hired. We paid 75 PHP each.

The resort is located in Candaping, Maria. This is about 30 minutes away from Larena. From Larena, we hired two tricycles to take us to Siquijor, which is 20 minutes away. Supposedly, the fare per head is just 20 PHP but we were overcharged. Our driver asked for 150 PHP when there were only three of us. It was definitely a rip off! 😦

The ticket counter at the Siquijor port.

We were hoping to catch the 3 PM trip but it was already fully booked. Since it was a Saturday, meaning only Delta Ferry is available, we had to wait for the next one which was at 4:30 PM.

We were starving by this time but there were no restaurants in sight. We just stayed at a cafeteria and ate some chips and biscuits and had cold drinks. After about an hour, we headed to the terminal and waited for the ferry. It was hot inside the terminal so I stayed outside where there’s shade.

The terminal fee is only 17 PHP.

Good thing the ferry was on time. Boy was I glad when we set foot in Dumaguete!


2 Responses to “Second Day in Siquijor (Part 2)”

  1. Kim R July 22, 2010 at 12:44 am #

    haha i spy my mummy in one of those photos! x

    • Kat July 22, 2010 at 3:25 pm #

      Hahaha I bet you can! 😉

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