Bethel Guesthouse

11 Jul

Bethel Guesthouse

Okay, here is a little story:

When we got to Dumaguete, we went straight to Bethel Guesthouse. We didn’t have any reservations. And, according to one of the receptionists, they were almost fully booked. They only had one twin room (1,200PHP/ 2 pax) and a villa suite (4,000 PHP/ 2 pax) available. To get both rooms plus paying for extra beds would be quite expensive, considering that we arrived late in the afternoon and will be leaving early the next day. We asked her to check again. She said she was sorry but that there weren’t any other rooms available. So, we decided to just go with it.

As my aunt was filling up a form for the twin room, the receptionist was talking to somebody on the phone. When she put the phone down, she was all smiles. Somebody just  canceled their reservations. We got to have another twin room which also happened to be on the same floor as the other one.

I guess we were very lucky! 🙂

The lobby and Information counter

Our Twin Room with the extra bed at the far end.

When we got to our room, Kung Fu Panda was on. I haven’t seen that movie and still wasn’t able to watch it then as we went down to the restaurant after a few minutes.

Cafe Filomena; They had a special buffet @ 175 PHP for adults. The dinner was filling and so much better than what we had in Siquijor.

An hour or two after dinner, we had a massage in the room. We just requested the receptionist to make a call for the masseuses.

It was a great way to end a tiring day. 🙂


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