Guest Post: My Barcelona Nightlife Experience

28 Jul

It was our first time in Barcelona. We didn’t know anyone there. We just decided to get on a plane and let the city surprise us. But I would be lying if I tell that no single research was done prior. Somehow we had to acquaint ourselves with the things we can expect to see and do in the city. Although our itinerary wasn’t set in stone, from all my years of traveling, I have to say it really helps to at least know what a destination has to offer. That way, we wouldn’t be missing out on the musts and the only-in-(insert destination here) stuff. Through my research I found out that Barcelona is actually one of the few cities dubbed as “the city that never sleeps”. So my friend and I were excited! We can stay out as long as we want.

And that’s exactly what we did. We went out almost every night of our stay in Barcelona to check out different bars. But there was one particular night that made our trip unforgettable. It was our second to last night. We were taking our usual stroll in search for a place where we could have some tapas and drinks when someone came up to us. The guy asked if we would like to join Pub Crawl Barcelona. I remember I had to ask him to repeat himself as I’ve never heard of it before. So he began to explain how it works. He mentioned “free drinks” and “meet new friends” and we were sold. Neither I nor my friend has done it before so we thought it would be a good experience.

Pub Crawl Barcelona

As it turned out, the place where we met the guy was right outside the Gaelic BCN which happened to be the meeting point of the joiners of Pub Crawl Barcelona. There we got to talk to some really cool people. Some of them we even met again over lunch the next day. I can’t remember the names of the bars now or how much I drank but I can remember that I had so much fun that night. We were a big group. We drank, sang, and danced without a care in the world. I have never been so drunk in my life. It was crazy! It was nowhere near my idea of a night out. But it was totally worth my money.


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