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Sky Experience Adventure at Crown Regency Cebu

9 Oct

I have heard of the Sky Experience Adventure at Crown Regency weeks before its opening day two years ago. But I just haven’t gotten around to trying it. Until last weekend.

Crown Regency tower

Tallest building in Cebu

My friend, R, was here in the city for a few days. And Skywalk was on top of her TO DO List. I decided to accompany her to try it for myself.

The reception area was empty at 4 PM

We got the 800 php package. This includes the Edge Coaster, Skywalk, 4D Movie, and dinner buffet at Sparkz Restobar.

We watched the 4D movie first. Supposedly, our tickets only allow one movie (The Lost Island). But the guy in charge let us watch another one (Ode to Life) for free. Maybe because there were only two other people in the theater.

R inside the 20-seater theater

After the two movies, we went to the 37th floor for the Edge Coaster. We walked around the area where they had a few coin- operated telescopes to view the city skyline.

You have to drop a 10-peso coin to use this.

Before we got on the Edge Coaster, we were asked to register and leave everything (cameras, cellphones, bags…) at a counter.

Two at a time

As we got ourselves seated, we were given instructions on how to operate the tilt control. The coaster then started to move. It was slow but after a few seconds it automatically tilted to a 50- degree angle. At that moment, I was able to prove to myself that I don’t have an insane fear of heights. I didn’t let out a scream! 😉 But it was still quite scary. Although knowing that the control was just right in front of us made a lot of difference.

There was an official photographer that took a few pictures of us. But we didn’t get them. Simply because they were ridiculously priced! For 6 photos, we have to pay 550 PHP to have them in a CD and 230 PHP for each photo print-out. We just agreed to save our money for our Skywalk photos. Such cheapskates! 😉

After the Edge Coaster, we went to Robinson’s Mall (a few blocks away from the hotel) to get something to drink. We decided against buying drinks from the snack bar because 3 pieces of siomai and iced tea costs 150 php! We waited in the mall until it got dark so we will have a good view of the city lights when we do the Skywalk.

When we got back to the hotel, there were significantly more people.

We again had to register and were given a key for our locker.

We had to leave everything in the locker. Accessories, even stud earrings, are not allowed when doing the skywalk.

Skywalkers have to wear rubber shoes. That’s why R had to buy a pair of socks (20 PHP) at the registration counter and borrow a pair of shoes from them at no extra charge.

That's Fuente Osmena Circle right there. 😉

It would have been nicer if we could have stayed longer to enjoy the view of the city below us. But alas, thirty minutes was all we had. It was great fun, nonetheless. It is not everyday that you get the chance to be “on top of the world”! 😉

And for that, we got this:

I survived!

What’s inside:

The proof 🙂

We were down to our last adventure- the Food!

There were so many dishes to choose from!

And, we ended the night with very full bellies! 😉

Note: For the skywalk, it is better to go in groups so the photos will come out cheaper. They have different packages for various group sizes.


My Sunday

25 Apr

I usually visit the mountain side of this city during evenings for that spectacular view of the skyline. And since my vision is as poor as a warthog’s, I can’t easily identify them buildings. Today, however, I and some friends went to the mountains despite the scorching heat of the sun.

Our ride

Yeah, buildings were easier to name this time of day. Although, I didn’t stay long looking at the skyline because the heat was really getting unbearable.

Cebu skyline at noon

So, where exactly did we go?

Doce Pares Zipline

This is a good place to hang out with family and friends.

Yes, it's that cheap! =)


This is where we stayed.

We stayed below the landing.

Ziplining is one of the activities offered here. They also have a swing.

Zipline. 100 PHP for a two way trip.

Swing for 20 PHP

I only went on the swing. And it was enough to make my day. =)

More pictures from the place:


Zipline. Bridge.

This way to the swing.

You can also stay here. Just bring a huge umbrella.


There goes my Sunday. I hope you also enjoyed yours. 😉