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Day 1: Hong Kong Science Museum and Hong Kong Museum of History

2 Oct

We planned to visit five museums over the course of our stay. However, we ended up visiting only two and that was on our first day.

Here are the interesting museums in HK that you can visit.

From Nathan Road near Tsim Sha Tsui Exit B1, we took an A21 bus to get to the Hong Kong Science Museum and paid 8 HKD with our Octopus Card. The driver of the bus was very friendly. He was more than happy to talk to somebody in English. He told us when it was time to get off at 119 Chatam Road South and pointed the Hong Kong Museum of History across the road.

If you have the time to visit most of the museums in HK, it would be better to get this pass. This weekly pass will save you some money. This is available in all the museums.

I initially thought we would be able to cover more places on our first day since the Science Museum and the Museum of History are just across each other. It turned out the Science Museum was so big we spent almost two hours there.

They had different exhibits on construction which were quite amusing.

This plasma ball looks more magical in person as you get to see purple-colored currents, which the camera failed to capture.

I didn't pay much attention but I think this was about the amount of groceries consumed within a particular period of time, if not their nutritional value.

Cathay Pacific plane and the Junk

There are four floors to this museum catering to the many different branches of science. It was kind of hard to resist the interactive exhibits. So yeah, an hour will pass you by before you even know it. 😉

There were more of these puzzles. 😉

Head on a plate?!

This reminded me of that scene in The Night at the Museum. :p

After we finally managed to get ourselves out of the Hong Kong Science Museum, we crossed to the history museum. It has a more serious atmosphere to it. It was quiet and we saw only few visitors. But it was still big. And still, we spent more time in there than we had planned.

Stone Age

Junk is the famous symbol of Hong Kong.

This is a part of a traditional Chinese wedding ceremony.

Chinese Opera

Photos in this post are from Ate R, P, and B. Thanks, guys! 🙂


Off to Hong Kong

20 May

We woke up at around 6, took a bath, packed our things, and checked out of the hotel. By 8, we were already on a bus to the Ferry Terminal.

I can't remember the bus number but I remembered we paid MOP 3.20 each

This time, we were headed to Kowloon (Tsim Sha Tsui China Ferry Terminal) since it’s nearer our hotel. So we went on the New World First Ferry instead of Turbojet, which goes to Central.

Buying our tickets for the 8:30 AM ferry

There are certain sailing times in certain days when tickets are offered at a discounted rate. So be sure to check their site for the schedule and prices.

We were lucky! We only paid 135 HKD instead of 155 HKD.

Again, you will have to be ready with a departure card to show to the immigration officer.

View from inside the terminal

We got on the boat on time but the trip took longer than I expected. It wasn’t a smooth ride, too. I almost p*uked! 😦

Inside New World First Ferry

I was so glad when we docked. I was still feeling sick when I was lining up at the immigration counter (This time with my arrival card that was given onboard.). But then, I was already in Hong Kong. The excitement made me forget the seasickness in no time! 😉


24 Apr

This is not the itinerary that I made before we left. We were not able to cover all the places in the initial itinerary. Everything was huge and amazing that we tend to spend more time than we expected at each destination. This here is what we actually accomplished.

RuĂ­nas de SĂŁo Paulo

March 25 (Thursday)
9:00 PM Fly off to Hong Kong
11:50 PM Arrival in Hong Kong

March 26 (Friday)
12:10 AM Immigration and baggage claim
1:00 AM Dinner from 7- eleven
1:30 AM Ride bus to Macau Ferry Terminal
2:40 AM Arrival at the ferry terminal
4:00 AM Ride ferry to Macau
5:00 AM Arrival in Macau
5:30 AM Arrival at Hotel Man Va
7:00 AM Visit Senado Square
7:30 AM Breakfast at McDonald’s
8:00 AM Visit Cathedral, St. Dominic Church
9:00 AM Check in at Hotel Man Va
11:00 AM Visit St. Paul’s Ruins
1:30 PM Lunch at 7- eleven
3:30 PM Visit Na Tcha Temple, Lou Kau Mansion
8:30 PM City of Dreams
9:30 PM The Venetian

Largo do Senado

March 27 (Saturday)
8:30 AM Departure from Macau
10:00 AM Arrival in Hong Kong
10:30 AM Kowloon Park
11:00 AM Check in at Golden Crown Guest House
12:00 PM Lunch at Golden Lake Restaurant
2:00 PM Visit Hong Kong Science Museum and Hong Kong Museum of History
4:00 PM Head to Sha Tin
5:00 PM Visit Ten Thousand Buddhas, New Town Plaza, Snoopy’s World
7:30 PM Dinner at McDonald’s
9:20 PM Shopping in Mongkok (Ladies’ Market)

Tian Tan Buddha

March 28 (Sunday)
9:00 AM Breakfast at Golden Lake Restaurant
10:30 AM Ngong Ping 360
3:00 PM Citygate Outlet
3:30 PM Lunch at Food Republic
5:30 PM The Peak Tram, Madame Tussaud, Sky Terrace
8:30 PM Walk back to the hotel
10:00 PM Dinner at the hotel

Hong Kong Skyline from the Sky Terrace

March 29 (Monday)
9:30 AM Buy breakfast from 7- eleven
10:00 AM Avenue of the Stars, Clock Tower
1:00 PM Hong Kong Disneyland
2:00 PM Lunch at Corner Cafe
10:00 PM Dinner at Pizza Hut
10:30 PM Shopping in Mongkok

Traditional Chinese Junk

March 30 (Tuesday)
10:00 AM Nan Lian Garden
11:30 AM Lunch at Food Republic
1:30 PM Ocean Park
7:00 PM Shopping at Haiphong Road
8:30 PM Get bags from the hotel
9:00 PM Ride bus to the airport
11:00 PM Dinner at Popeye’s

Note that we arrived in Ocean Park at 1:30 PM. They close at 6:00 PM. Since there were a lot of shows going on, and some would even last for about an hour, we only got to explore one side of Ocean Park. I was disappointed that I didn’t get to see those pandas. =(

The park was full even on a Tuesday! The lines for the cable car and ocean express were too long that we just gave up the idea of crossing.


21 Apr

Hong Kong International Airport

Sometime in January, Cebu Pacific offered discounted seats for Cebu- Hong Kong- Cebu. My friends and I booked our tickets  for March immediately. I was tasked to do all the planning since we wanted a DIY trip.

Here are some links that have been very useful for me:

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I am grateful to the owners of and those who posted on these sites. These really made making an itinerary much, much easier.

I hope that you too will find these useful and enjoyable to read.